Agent Involved in Emiliano Salas Move to Cardiff Hits Back at Allegations of Wrongdoing in Deal

The agent of deceased Cardiff City player Emiliano Sala has said he is 'sick' of allegations of wrongdoing surrounding Sala's move from Nantes to the Premier League club, insisting neither he nor the club did anything wrong in negotiating the deal. 

A flight transporting the player and pilot David Ibbotson went missing over the English Channel in late January, hours after the move had been announced, and was later partially recovered, with Sala being identified and pronounced dead. 

​Since then, controversy has surfaced surrounding the deal, with reports of ​Cardiff refusing to pay Nantes the £15m agreed prior to the player's death, and Cardiff have since been accused of corruption and wrongdoing. 

McKay, though, refuted accusations in no uncertain terms, telling the ​Sun“We have nothing to hide, the rumours are f***ing c**p, absolutely f***ing c**p.


“I’m sick of it. I’m shocked people are saying this. I’m waiting for the FA to phone me.

“I want a public meeting with everybody there and you can chair it — Sky, the papers, everybody can come.”

It's possible that the allegations stem from registration issues surrounding the deal, something the ​Sun also say could result in the family missing out on a £600,000 compensation payout. 

Tributes Are Made To Cardiff City's Emiliano Sala

Cardiff had submitted the paperwork to the ​Premier League, but it was returned requiring corrections, which could not be completed due to the player's disappearance. 

Source : 90min