Answers to Man Utd questions

Last updated : 30 January 2014 By Michael Morris

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60’s. Carlo Sartori.

70’s John Fitzpatrick.

80’s. Everald La Ronde played left back for AFC Bournemouth in their 2-0 FA Cup win over Manchester United in January 1984.

90’s. A catch question this, Simon Davies was a Wales qualified winger who played twenty times for Manchester United in the mid 90’s – his only goal for them came in the Champions League against Galatasaray.

00’s. Teddy Sheringham was in the Colchester side beaten 4-1 by City in December 2007.

10’s. Declan Dalley who was one of seven City players in the Wales Under 16’s team of 10/11 who was offered a contract by Manchester United as City, apparently, ummed and ahhed about offering him a new deal.

Bonus question. Wyn Davies is the only Manchester United Welsh speaker I could think of – wouldn’t be surprised if Billy Meredith was, but I couldn’t find anything to prove this.