Apologies from Swansea

Last updated : 04 April 2006 By Michael Morris
The statement, issued on the clubs official website, reads

With regard to the unfortunate events at the end of yesterday's Football League Trophy Final at the Millennium Stadium, Swansea City Football Club would like to apologise unreservedly for any offence caused, particularly to Cardiff City Football Club and its supporters.

In the euphoric atmosphere following the presentation of the trophy certain players, caught up in the moment, picked up articles thrown from individuals in the crowd without realising the offensive nature of some of these items.

The players concerned, Alan Tate and Lee Trundle, wish to personally apologise to all those offended by their actions. Both players stress that no malice was intended.

Once again, Swansea City Football Club apologise for any distress caused on a day when nearly 30,000 of its fans had a marvellous day out, with little or no incident. South Wales Police has applauded the supporters for their good natured and orderly behaviour on the day.

We would like to thank the people of Cardiff for their warm welcome and their help in making the day a memorable one.

Sam Hammam has responded to the incidents in the Millennium Stadium.

He told the Western Mail

"I personally, and many at Cardiff City, feel very happy Swansea won their trophy. I hope they go on and get promotion as well," said Hammam.

"For me, from the day I arrived at Cardiff, I said Swansea were family, like a kid brother for us. Swansea and their supporters were welcomed into Cardiff that day, as if it was their own city and that is the right way. There was no trouble at all between supporters.

"Both clubs have worked hard building a relationship together. The action of a few players here is worrying because if the clubs meet again you worry there will be trouble, even physical danger, it only takes one person to do that.

"From a footballing point of view this doesn't bother me, I feel sorry for Swansea supporters, their win has been overshadowed by this, stolen away, now this is all that will be remembered for years to come.

"Why do they do this? It is supposed to be a big day for them it shows they have some kind of inferiority complex.

"I suppose it is natural for the younger brother to wish to show the older brother when they have done a good thing. But this is a minor trophy, what is it called? I think I remember it, but at Cardiff we did not even play our reserves in it if I remember correctly.

"It must be an inferiority thing I feel, that they had to do it shows they are not equal with us. Manchester United would not wear T-shirts attacking Wigan because they just do not see them as a threat, that's how we at Cardiff see this.

"It won't spoil our relationship with Swansea, if anything it will make us stronger.

"It's now up to the police, the league and those who investigate things to decide what must be done.

"But remember if a football fan just runs on to a pitch to celebrate, they get a three to five year ban because they are inciting danger."