Blackburn highlights and reaction

Last updated : 13 July 2020 By Michael Morris

Cardiff's Neil Harris: "First and foremost I'm frustrated, of course. The third goal is just a brilliant strike - it's a moment of class. He's put it in the net from 45 yards, so fair play to the lad. The little bit of the rub of green we've had in previous games wasn't there. We have to look at ourselves - did I pick the right team? It's not a time for over-analysing it.


"We just need to move on to Friday and a tough game against Fulham. We have had to work ridiculously hard to get where we are. This is a reminder that if we don't win all the little duels then we are not as good as other teams. We have to rake it on the chin and wait for other results. There are two weeks of the season left so it's no time for regret."

Blackburn's Tony Mowbray: "Adam has probably got his own goal of the season award going on. He's been doing it for however long he's been at this club so we shouldn't be surprised when he scores great goals. We've lost a lot of goals out of the team and yet we have still functioned well even without players like Bradley Dack. Adam has stepped up in his absence.

"I think it was a deserved win on the balance of play. We were struggling at half time to see how we were getting beaten, but the result was fair in the end. We are talking to the team about performance and we will move on to the next one now and not worry about who we can catch."