Bluebirds Downunder - News update

Last updated : 10 March 2003 By Michael Morris


Well, not a good weekend, for Cardiff Bluebirds or for Welsh rugby. Still, we are up there in contention still, thanks to Tranmere doing the business on Crewe, and so lets hope that next Friday we go up to Tranmere and thank them properly by giving them a decent hiding. Life is never dull, supporting the City, and we have to stick with them and BE POSITIVE!!!

We can now confirm meeting dates to end of 2003

Mon April 14th

Mon June 16th

Mon Aug 18th

Mon Nov 3rd

There will be other ‘Special events’ days to be planned by the OG.

The June & November dates are close to the dates the Welsh rugby team will be playing in Sydney. Whilst we sincerely hope that Wales do well in their matches against Australia and New Zealand, we suspect that Cardiff City supporters visiting Oz for the rugby will be keen for a change of code after the games. Hope we are wrong but there you go.

Another bit of GREAT news. We have a website, and it is costing us nothing!! Paul Sims who runs Worldwide Welsh at has offered us some space on his site and he has very kindly agreed to manage it for us. The address is Whilst it is available now the OG is having a good think about our image, logos etc so the appearance of the site may change as we go forward. Paul has done a fantastic job setting it up for us so please thank him by visiting his site and registering your details. He wants to build up a major data base of Welsh overseas.

I sent out a registration form late last week and some of you have called me saying you have been having difficulty sending the completed form back to me. I have spoken to my server Big Pond and they say there is no mail in my e-mail box and no problems. If you are in Oz and you do experience difficulties e-mailing me please call me on my mobile number below.

That’s all for now. Keep the faith.

Richard (Sydney Blue)