Burton jumps to Purse defence

Last updated : 15 September 2006 By Michael Morris
Will these two pair up to face Luton?
Darren Purse has been the focus of some critisism this week after scoring the o.g. that earned Plymouth a point at Home Park.

With a penalty miss at Barnsley and a sending off at Leeds Purse has had several incident filled away trips.

Purse is likely to keep his place against Luton as he is Dave Jones' captain. He face stiff competition from Roger Johnson to partnet Glenn Loovens. Despite Glenn missing the trip to Plymouth I feel he will be a definate starter.

Terry Burton has been talking to the press about Purse. He told the Echo

"No one's untouchable in the team really, but Darren Purse is a really good player. I think Cardiff City are fortunate to have him here," said Burton.

"He's a great leader and I don't think we're as good a team when Darren's not in the side.

"Does he make the odd mistake? Yes, he does. He's done it probably throughout his career, but if you play 40 games a year you know you're going to get 37 games a season out of him.

"The other night at Plymouth it was easy to see the things maybe he could have done better, but there's a couple of balls into the box there where Darren Purse will put his career on the line for you to get a block in or get his head in.

"We haven't got a massive squad and we're very fortunate to have three centre-halves where, if one's out injured or suspended or whatever, the other ones can fit together and play well.

"It's as big a team selection problem, if you can call it a problem, as it's a nice problem, Dave has to make this weekend as he's had to make all season.

"I think we started off the season with Darren and Glenn because they'd been together and worked together and played well together.

"Roger came in at the start of the season and was told he would have to wait and when his time came he was told he'd have to play well and, to be fair, he has done. He's done a fantastic job. It's a real nice problem.

"I like all three of them. But we can't play all three of them. We do know whoever plays on Saturday they're going to have to play at the top of their game because whoever's out is capable of coming in and replacing them.

"We wish we had that sort of problem in every position on the pitch. If we could get that competition throughout the team, that would make us a stronger team and a stronger club."