Cardiff will stay Blue

Last updated : 10 May 2012 By Michael Morris

The following statement from TG was posted on the official website this evening. It follows the reaction to the leaked information that Cardiff were planning on changing their kit to red this coming season. That decision has been reversed. I'll let you read the statement and digest:

To begin, I would like to assure all supporters that the feelings toward Cardiff City Football Club from Malaysia remain as strong as ever. Since our arrival in 2010 we have been blessed and humbled by the passion and dedication of everyone associated with the club, a trait we quickly adopted ourselves, along with the collective aspirations to see Cardiff City succeed. 

Having remained in regular and close contact with board members and the management team in Cardiff, both I and our principal investor, Tan Sri Vincent Tan, are aware of and fully appreciate the concerns from supporters and others alike given the scale of the bold, and as we believed necessary steps that would need to be taken if this football club is to be able to realise the dream and vision that I would hope all supporters have for our future. It was therefore unfortunate that someone felt the need to leak and break the confidential details of some of those plans before they had been fully finalised and agreed by the board, which has led to the series of events unfolding this week. 

Following Cardiff based meetings and discussions with supporter representatives, media outlets and management staff at the club, led by Alan Whiteley, key points have been communicated, listened to and discussed in depth here in Malaysia. To that end I would like to communicate the following points to help supporters understand our feelings and the strategy going forward. 

I can categorically state that there were never any plans to rename the club. Cardiff City Football Club has a rich history, which we are honoured to celebrate and share locally, nationally and internationally. Indeed, the intention and part of the reason for reaching agreement with the Cardiff Blues was to allow the stadium to become the sole home of the football club. As such it could embrace and honour the history and heritage through the ages at the stadium accordingly, a step that was intended to allow future generations to also remember, learn and appreciate the achievements of the club in years gone by. 

It is clear to all concerned that the club simply cannot continue to function and exist in its current state, effectively losing large amounts of money each month, while acquiring more and more debt. We have continued along this path until the end of the current season, but the club inevitably now faces bold and real world decisions should we want to see the club survive. As romantic and simplistic a notion as it may seem, maintaining our current course without growth or change, is not, and cannot be, an option. 

The new club crest and home colours which were being discussed were intended to demonstrate the symbolic fusion of Welsh and Asian cultures through the use of the colour red and the predominant featuring of a historical Welsh dragon under the Cardiff City FC name. This would have been a springboard for the successful commercialisation and promotion of the club and its brand, driving international revenues and allowing us to fund transfers and success locally, thereby giving the club the best chance of competing at the higher reaches of competition. 

This was not meant as a slight in any way shape or form on the club’s traditions or history which we recognise are the lifeblood of any club. It was intended as a positive change to allow us to adapt and embrace the future. Notwithstanding a number of rumours there were no further plans to turn the stadium red or make other radical changes. 

The impending investment and development plans built on the above strategy which were in the course of being finalised and led by Tan Sri Vincent Tan were intended to greatly reinforce our long term affinity and reflect and represent a desire to see this great club grow, built on solid foundations that would ensure the prosperity of Cardiff City within South Wales for many generations to come. It was intended to reach settlements with the principal historic creditors, and for Tan Sri Vincent Tan to then transfer the debts currently due to him into equity and drive revenues through an aggressive marketing and commercialisation plan. This would as a result allow initial and further investment for team strengthening. 

However we have no desire to cause offence or for people to think we have no respect for the club or its history as it would appear has been suggested in various quarters including by local assembly members. We would have hoped that the significant investment made to date would have already demonstrated our good faith in that regard. Indeed, we are disappointed that anybody would think the contrary. In the light of the vociferous opposition by a number of the fans to the proposals being considered as expressed directly to our local management and through various media and other outlets, we will not proceed with the proposed change of colour and logo and the team will continue to play in blue at home for the next season with the current badge. 

We will now reassess in conjunction with the board of the club the future strategy and the further ongoing investment necessary to allow the club to continue to trade. This may include looking for new and additional partners and investors.   

Finally I would like to thank all associated with Cardiff City Football Club for their fantastic and continued support during the whole of the last season and to express my thanks to our manager and his team and staff at the football club for all their work last year in again getting us so close to promotion in what was always going to be a difficult transitional season.  

Yours sincerely