CCST - Important Member Consultation

Last updated : 13 June 2012 By Michael Morris

trustYou will have heard that our Malaysian owners are proposing to make a major investment into the club to improve the stadium, tackle the debts, build new training facilities and offer Malky Mackay money to strengthen the team. However, the plans also include changing the strip from next season to red and changing the Bluebirds badge.

Your Trust believes that Cardiff City belongs as much to the supporters as it does to the legal owners of the club and that consultation with fans is vital. We want to know the views of all members about the proposals and would be grateful if you could complete this questionnaire and return it to by Monday 18 June 2012.

If you have received this by post then reply using the enclosed Freepost envelope by Monday 18 June 2012.

Please clearly mark your response YES or NO to the questions below. 

  1. Given the information above, do you support the re-branding of  Cardiff City FC with red shirts and a new badge?

YES                                                                                        NO


  1. Do you believe the club consulted fans adequately about these changes?

YES                                                                                        NO


  1. Do you want the Trust to press for more information from the club about the proposals?

YES                                                                                        NO


Every fan’s opinion counts so please return this questionnaire so that your voice is heard. The Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust will then respond in accordance with the views of its membership.