Club to change Cardiff City badge

Time to go
A statement on the official website clearly indicates that Cardiff City will have a new club badge in the near future. The story offers links several possible badges to choose from or fans, in conjunction with the Echo, can design their own badge. The input of the fans is for the design. There is no vote as to whether fans want a change, that is happening.

The design must have a Bluebird and a cross of St David. Out goes the current City badge, which the club say will stay on letter heading and official documents, the new image will be used on merchandising and replica shirts.

Sam has justified his decision by saying the St David's flag is Wales, it's striking and powerful and he insists it is the new image. Full quotes here.

The official site has put a poll up asking if the time is right for change. By way of a second opinion there is also a poll on this site asking if you want a new badge?

The news has provoked an immediate reaction. here are some quotes from fans on hearing the news

My own personal view is that we retain the current crest, which I think represents Cardiff City and Wales perfectly - with the Bluebird, Welsh Dragon and Daffodil. However it appears that this is not an option. As for the Flag of St David, although I like the flag (as much as you can like a black flag with a gold cross!) and understand the ancient Welsh origins of it, I personally think the Welsh Dragon is a far more powerful image and is internationally recognised as the emblem of our country. Nearly every nation is represented by a non-descript cross or a tricolour, whilst our's is represented by a mythical animal. I think this is something that we need to retain if Cardiff City is to truly represent the pinnacle of Welsh sport.

I actually do not like the Welsh flag, we should not have a dragon on it for the exact reason that it is a mythical beast. We laugh at the English because their Saint is not English and he says he salid a beast that never actually existed and then we put one on our flag. Give me St Davids Cross anyday.

The Dragon is by far the oldest flag. It was one of the emblems of the 2nd Augustan legion. A garrison of who was based at the fort in Cardiff [Now Cardiff castle ]. The emblem was adopted by the Welsh and became the flag of Cadwalader in the ninth century. It was carried into battle against the Saxsons and therefore it is reguarded by historians as Europes oldest national emblem still in use. SO THE DRAGON MUST REMAIN.

Nothing wrong with the present one why change?

I dont really give a monkeys if we change the crest or not. The clubs name is`nt changing, the bluebird is still there. Its `rebranding` mate. Companies do it all the time, and in the modern world of football, clubs are companies. At the end of the day its easier to produce a `logo` than a fully fledged crest.

We are not the only ones. Look at what Arsenal did last summer.