Cole hoping for Purse reunion

Last updated : 29 April 2008 By Michael Morris
Cole had 10 stitches in a leg wound after Purse's tackle at Turf Moor on the weekend.

As Purse was red carded and sent down the tunnel Cole raced after him followed by several representatives of both clubs and the police.

Cole's anger was still evident after calm had been restored when he said

"Nothing happened in the tunnel unfortunately, but I did go after him. I am not going to fib about it.

"He is a muppet. He cannot even play anyway. I am furious about it. It is one of the worst tackles I have had in my career on me. I am disgusted he said I went over the ball. Just look at my leg."

Cole continued "I adore playing football so I don't know about retirement, but if I play only two games next season I hope it is home and away to Cardiff."

Cole's actions has been branded disgraceful by Dave Jones.

"I have looked at replays and Pursey has his eye on the ball at all times. He is trying to win the ball, nothing else.

"The reaction of the player (Andy Cole) in trying to get somebody sent off is an absolute disgrace. He knows the lad has an FA Cup final and must look at himself after all the jumping about he did.

"I am not biased and if Darren had in any way tried to do him I would not offer any protection at all.

"But it's coming to the point where every mistimed tackle is a sending-off. Football seems to be reaching a point when it will become non-contact.

"It was the reaction of Andy Cole which got Darren sent off rather than the challenge itself. Cole should take a long, hard look at himself.

"Certainly, the red card was a harsh decision. I will be appealing because Darren tried to play the ball, nothing else. Look at the incident again - his eyes don't leave the ball. I really hope the FAW take a look at it."

Cardiff City are awaiting news of their appeal.