Comments and quotes after Fridays transfer frenzy

Last updated : 04 July 2004 By Michael Morris
Martyn Margeson
"I've had talks with the club and not once did I speak about money. It was all about the length of contract. Money was never an issue.

"If I was greedy, I would have demanded the same money that I was on last season, or more.

"And I wouldn't have been prepared to join Swansea where I would have been paid a third of what I'm on at Cardiff. I wanted security for me and my family.

"I've been moving about for the last 16 years. I'm at home now in South Wales and I don't want to uproot my family again. That's why I wanted a longer contract.

"I never thought Cardiff would offer me one year. I've never signed a one-year contract in my career and I wasn't going to start now.

"But I'm glad the whole thing is over because it was dragging on."

Neil Alexander
"It doesn't look good for me at Cardiff. I thought I would be trying to win my place back from Martyn next season.

"But now I've got to fight it out with Martyn AND Tony Warner. I'm disappointed and gutted. The way things stand I'm Cardiff's No 3 keeper. I'm just gobsmacked to be honest.

"I've spoken to Martyn about Warner coming to the club and he was a bit shocked when he found out the news as well."

"Martyn and Tony are ahead of me, that's quite clear. They are No 1 and No 2, although which of them will start the season in the tram I don't know.

"I don't see much of a future for me at Cardiff which is a shame because I love it here."

Robert Page
"It's a great move for me and I'm looking forward with tremendous enthusiasm to the start of the season."

Neil Warnock
"Robert is a born leader and could be just what Cardiff need right now. I just hope I don't live to regret letting him go to one of our rivals.

"But even if he does come back to haunt me and Cardiff beat us I still wouldn't have a bad word to say about him. It's been difficult decision for me to let him leave because he has been my captain for the last three or so years but I honestly feel the move has been for the best for both sides.

"As a manager I have always thought it important to change four or five players around every couple of years and I know Rob was desperate to play for Cardiff."

Lennie Lawrence
"People were moaning because we weren't bringing players in, but signings always happen around about this time.

"Some deals are done early, but there is a flurry of activity in July because that is when players' contracts have ended.

"We have effectively signed six players in the last 48 hours.

"As well as the four players who have signed deals, Graham Kavanagh and Peter Thorne, who both missed the end of last season with injury, are back."