Competition time. Win Championship Manager 4.

Last updated : 03 June 2003 By Michael Morris
If you do not have the answers then they should be able to be found in the news stories and match reports on this website. Use the website history link on the left hand side to access old news.

Questions have been set by Paul Evans and he will be the adjudicator for this competition. All answers are to be mailed to

The winner will the person with the most correct answers, if there is a tie then a winning entry will be drawn at random. Last date for entries is Thursday 5th June 2003. All mail dated the 5th will be eligable. One entry per person. Please make sure your answers are structured in a way that easily read.

Paul will advise the winner by email and arrange postage of the game.
Please put your name on the entry. Good luck.


1. The City’s first game after Sam Hammam took over was a 2-1 win over Exeter, three players who were in the sixteen against QPR in the play off Final also played that day, who are they and who scored the wining goal in that game?

2. What was unusual about City’s 2-0 defeat at Hull on 30 September and for two bonus points who were the City players responsible for the strange happening?

3. Two former Swansea centre forwards were sent off in games at Ninian Park, who were they and who were they playing for at the time?

4. Which player scored the last league hat trick to be conceded by the City during this season?

5. Who was the full International who had a loan spell with us during the season and which country did he play for?


1. Four players made their league debuts for City in the 1-0 opening day win over Wycombe, who were they?

2. Besides Earnie and Kav, one other player scored a penalty in the league during this season, who was it?

3. City were only involved in one 0-0 draw in the league during the season, who was it against and who made his only appearance of the season that day?

4. Which former England International scored against us on Boxing Day?

5. What was unusual about City’s 1-0 win over Port Vale at Ninian Park on Easter Monday?


1. Who were City’s opponents when Leo scored his last goal for the first team?

2. Besides the shoot out against Newport, two players scored penalties in first team games during the season, Earnie was one, who was the other?

3. Which goalkeeper was sent off against the City in a game at Ninian Park this season and who was he playing for?

4. Two players scored their first ever league goals for us during the season, who were they?

5. Who is the only player to have taken a penalty against Neil Alexander in a City game and not scored (sorry Neil!).