Craig Bellamy Steps Down From Cardiff City Coaching Role Following Bullying Allegations

Craig Bellamy has stepped down from his position as a coach with Cardiff City's Under-18 side following allegations of bullying towards English players within the club's academy.

The 39-year-old, who also spends his time as a television pundit, had a formal complaint made against him by a young player which is now being investigated by Cardiff's executives.

Wales Media Session

It has been claimed that Bellamy regularly expresses his distaste for the English, with it being added that he also decided to mute the youth team's television to block out the national anthem whenever England were on at the World Cup.

Bellamy denies the allegations that he bullied any of his players, but on Thursday decided to step down from his position in South Wales to help him co-operate with the club's enquiries.

"I categorically refute them," Bellamy said in a statement, quoted by the BBC"I fully expect to return to my coaching role and have sought legal advice as to my position.

"I understand the need for Cardiff City to undertake a full investigation in response to these allegations and - at my own suggestion - I have temporarily removed myself from my coaching position in order to cooperate fully with the club's inquiry.

"Obviously, I am saddened both by the allegations and the manner in which they were made."

Bellamy was first appointed as a youth coach at Cardiff City in 2016, two years after his 18-year playing career came to an end, and he's been at the club ever since.

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He is also a regular guest for televised Premier League games, although it isn't known how his decision to leave Cardiff will impact Bellamy's media duties.

Source : 90min