Dave Jones on Koumas and Jerome

Last updated : 22 January 2006 By Michael Morris
Dave Jones spent the post match press conference batting away questions about his two goalscorers Cameron Jerome annd first match-winner jason Koumas.

On Koumas he said

"He's not going anywhere as far as I know. The boy wants to stay, and he has reiterated that time and time again.

"I read that he is supposed to be going, and that Leeds are going to swap a player who can't get in their first team. I'm sure Bryan will be very happy about picking up a player who can't get into Leeds' team.

"We are trying to buy him so, as far as I'm concerned, as long as it isn't Arsenal, Manchester United or Chelsea he is quite happy where he is.

"He's with us until the end of the season so there is no rush. We have an option to buy, and if I've got money and Jason, then I'd rather go for him at the end of the season."

"At half-time today he hadn't been in the game at all, it wasn't his type of game, but because of his ability to do something different I decided the rest of the team will do the donkey work.

"He grafted as well and slowly worked his way into the game. After his goal he started to run it as people were getting tired."

Attention then turned to Cameron Jerome. The 15 goal striker has been the centre of attention for Neil Warnock just lately, now it seems Warnock might be going after Ade Akinbiyi but Jones still had this to say

"The only bid we've supposedly had is from Neil Warnock at Sheffield United. He's moaning because his bid doesn't match ours.

"So what does he want me to do? He had better stop moaning and put up or shut up - he hasn't put up, so I'm telling Neil just to shut up."

Under pressure Leicester boss Craig Levein said

"It's difficult but I'm determined. It's not something I shy away from so we'll get our heads down and work hard.

"From my point of view we need to continue doing the things we've been doing and things will turn for us.

"Anybody who has watched our matches recently will be of the same opinion as myself, that on a lot of occasions we're doing 90% of things right."