Dave Jones. Pre Q.P.R.

Last updated : 18 August 2007 By Michael Morris

On the struggle to score goals

"I think I've introduced a good style of football here and the only thing not working at the moment is the striking department. We're working hard to correct that," said Jones.

"The positions that we're putting the most pressure on is where we're not scoring.

"That's the way football is, you get players in, but at the moment I haven't got the players fit to put them under pressure, but when they are fit there will be fantastic competition.

"Of course the pressure is on MacLean and Feeney. Against Brighton, it was like watching paint dry at times, it was just attack and attack and try and break them down.

"Steve MacLean has taken a pasting in the press so his confidence might be pretty low. I think we need to help him and give him a boost.

"He tried his shots the other night, they didn't come off, they threw their bodies in the way. He needs a goal after he missed that penalty against Stoke.

"Unfortunately, in the sport we're in, when that happens you get a pasting. We've got to pick him up and dust him down.

"But he didn't shy away, he's positive in what he tried to do. If he doesn't shy away, it will happen for him.

"He won't do that because he's not one of those kind of players.

"He'll keep trying and it will happen. The closer the others get to fitness the pressure mounts. That's the way it is.

"But if these lads now are knocking goals in left, right and centre then I've no problem with Robbie and Jimmy sitting on the bench."

On his missing players

"I am frustrated that I'm doing my team-sheet to travel to QPR and I'm leaving out Fowler, Hasselbaink, Riccy Scimeca and Steve Thompson," said Jones.

"It's nice to have them, but I'd rather they were in the 18 travelling. I'd like to have every pro here fit. I'm really looking forward to that."

On reaction to Stoke defeat

"You lose one game and there's doom and gloom everywhere. I read the other day Manchester United have lost ground, come on, they've only played two games," said Jones.

"I find it unbelievable. It's a long, long season. A hard slog. You have to work hard and keep plugging away at it."

On Q.P.R.

"QPR are a big team, very strong and we're going to have to compete against that. We're going to have to be at our best.

"Everybody in this division wants to do well. Everybody's expectation should be to finish top. We all want to get out of this division because there's a magnificent prize at the end of it."

And the final word to Rangers boss John Gregory

"It is always important to start the season with a home victory and we're confident we can do that against Cardiff."

I hope not John. I hope not.