Do you want music to celebrate goals?

Last updated : 26 September 2006 By Michael Morris
The suggestion was the the song used by the Atlanta Braves could be used if Michael Chopra scores.

Click here to hear the tune.

The initial posting came from Ali the tannoy announcer and it reads.

The club intend to intoduce a couple of new initiatives for future games, which I thought I'd share with you to get some feedback.

One of the new ideas is a chant for Michael Chopra, which is hoped will catch on - Chop, chop, chop, chop, Chopra! To go along with this, I'm told that plastic inflatable axes will soon be available for the kids.

In addition, if Chopra scores, there will be goal music - the Atlanta Braves theme.

Now I know a lot of fans have mixed feelings about goal music, including me, but as much as I have resisted playing anything in the past, more and more fans approach me about playing goal music than any other subject these days.

I'm keeping an open mind. If it works, it works. More than anything, the team seem to support the idea, and as Tesco say, 'Every little bit helps'.

Anyway, I'm just the messenger, so don't shoot. Your feedback is welcome but please keep it clean.

Well the MB responded and they slaughtered the idea, I would guess at least 95% of those who responded were against the idea.

To add to the feedback for Ali you can email me at

with your thoughts on the idea of inflatable axe's (remember we had clapper things for the Birmingham game) and the idea of music for goals scored.

I personally think the Atlanta Braves thing is rubbish, not a celebratory high tempo celebration tune at all. A similar scheme was tried in 1999 when City ended their promotion season with a 0 - 0 draw with Scunthorpe. The lack of goals meant that special tunes were played when we won a corner. It wasn't popular then. It doesn't appear to be now.

Any messages received will be passed onto the club.