Editors view of the Legg situation.

Last updated : 04 July 2003 By Michael Morris
The Leggygate affair is an embarrassement. Legg has waited all summer for a contract offer and when it comes it's a slap in the face. Not only that but the way it's delivered with Lennie saying Sam is responsble for the amount of the contract only for Sam on the phone to Legg to tell him it's Lennie who sorts out the value just makes the club look silly

In my opinion Andy Legg will only be a squad player if he stays at Ninian Park, I appreciate that club cannot give big contracts to players who may not feature much in the new season and with Legg turning 37 this month he can't expect a huge pay day but come on we can be professional and mature about this.

Legg should have either been released with the other players at the end of May or been offered one last year on the same money he was on last year. That could have been done at the same time.

It should have been explained to Legg that his efforts are appreciated and as he will only be in the main a squad member he can stay for one more year on the same wages a reward for his service to the football club. To me that seems fair.

To make an offer that Legg claims is 70% lower than last years wages is an insult. If the club do not want him then just tell him.

What price for loyalty and committment? None. I appreciate we cannot become too sentimental otherwise we'd still be employing Phil Dwyer, Jason Perry and Carl Dale but we should have a certain amount of respect and treat people right.

This is not a footballing matter anymore, it's a matter of principles. No man is bigger than the club, not Andy Legg not anyone but Andy Legg deserved better.