England v Wales with Bluebirds Downunder

Last updated : 08 October 2004 By Richard Jeffery
Engand and Wales are close geographically, but culturally and socially they are very much apart. A level of rivalry exists between the two countries that is many centuries old, but the wars of medieval times have, in recent years, been moved from the battle field to the rugby field.

This weekend, after a gap of approximately twenty years, the ball shape changes from oval to round. Wales play England at Old Trafford, Manchester in a FIFA World cup qualifying match on 9 October, and the level of interest in this game in Australia will be enormous. Whilst English supporters will well outnumber the Welsh in pubs around Darling Harbour and Coogee, the Celtic hoards will assemble at The Nags Head in Glebe on Saturday evening from 9pm for a midnight live telecast of the game.

Event organiser, Bluebirds DownUnder, welcomes all members of the NSW Welsh community, Celts of all club and sporting persuasions and anyone else who would like to experience Welsh fervour whilst watching England getting beaten. Just make sure you are not wearing a white shirt!!!!

For further information on this event, including a map of the venue location, go to www.Bluebirdsdownnder.com