Fans get the chance to tell club their thoughts tonight

Last updated : 08 January 2015 By Michael Morris

C:WindowsTempphp6D7D.tmpThe fans meeting called by the club for tonight will now involve around 70 representatives from all aspects of City supporters and stakeholders.

The club have said

We can confirm that approximately seventy representatives from major supporter organisations, local government, stakeholders, travel groups, messageboards and campaign groups will be in attendance tonight.

The main issue will be the rebrand. There have already been 'leaks' that the club are ready to reverse the colour change but the message going into the meeting is that Cardiff City FC, it's directors and more importantly it's owner, Vincent Tan, are willing to listen to fans concerns.

This is a huge step from the previous messages sent out that red is the only option.

I sincerley hope when we walk out of the stadium we will have positive news. The club needs to do something because numbers are diminishing, merchandise is not being sold, an empty stadium on live TV is embarrassing and of season ticket renewals are just around the corner.

My thoughts ahead of tonight offer a slightly more cautious approach to those who already seem to be celebratin a change that hasn't happened yet.

I see many updates and rumours emanating from the usual places about the meeting tomorrow.

These have filtered into facebook and the like with people posting status updates about how excited they are that we are virtually back in blue already.

Now the rumours might be right but they could also be sensationalist and setting the fans up with a level of expectation that cannot be met. History shows us that too many of these misplaced updates causes problems. There are going to be a lot of disappointed people tomorrow night if they don't get what they think they've been promised and that's going to reflect on those attending the meeting as failing to deliver.

Now I tend to take a more cautious approach and will wait to see what happens at the meeting tomorrow. I think as long as all parties show a united front about the primary goal then we have a chance. The club is struggling on so many levels and there is a common cause for that.

This is not about who shouts out first or loudest. It's about nailing the right result and that's a return to blue.

These are my thoughts:

I think the club tomorrow will be looking to take on board all views from the people attending so they can report back to VT.

I would be surprised if they offered anything more than a 'we'll pass all this info to Vincent' type response. But I hope they will offer more.

That should not be enough to stop any protests, boycotts or refusal to buy ST's in the coming weeks.

The only thing that would see those sanctions called off would be a written or recorded promise of a return to blue next season.

If Mehmet Dalman has the authority to make that decision then fantastic, from as soon as Friday morning fans can start to rebuild their relationships with the club and with each other.

If it's left hanging in the balance the divide will continue to grow, the mistrust will deepen, the crowds will lessen and unless a miracle happens on the field for a short term fix, CCFC as we know it will continue to sink.

A return to blue is the only solution that will start the rebuilding of our once great football club.

An upturn in fortunes on the pitch will attract those hoping to see top flight football. We can see right now how quickly they flee when the product is not Premier League or a winning team.

I hope the meeting delivers solutions we can accept and be happy with.


No egos tonight, no he said she said, no i told you so's. We can sort all that out afterwards.

Present the main aim as a return to blue.

That's the target.

A display of unity tonight from everyone will deliver a clear message that we want to get our colours back, our traditional heritage.

I understand that the opportunity we have here is to get our views delivered right to the top.

Let's not blow it.