Fat free players get extra days off

Last updated : 02 July 2003 By Michael Morris
There were no reported tubbies as the first team players earned themselves a few extra days off by staying slim over the summer.

"All the players reported back yesterday to be weighed and we've had no problems on that front, but in fairness I didn't think we would have," Lawrence told the Echo.

"We haven't looked at the players to see if anyone is injured yet and that won't happen until Thursday."

Lawrence is said to be back at Ninian Park today where he will continue working on deals in progress

"We have a number of deals at various stages of negotiation at the moment-but I wouldn't expect anything to happen before the end of the week," said Lawrence.

The favourite to sign is Charltons John Robinson. There is supposed to be interest from Brighton but none that I can find. Lennie has agreed fees with Crewe for Rob Hulse (but this is turning into a farce - see previous story) and with Spurs for Gary Doherty, thats subject to the player wanting to come.

It seems that Cardiff are keeping their heads down and working away at securing the players they want. As the Hulse fiasco shows when it bounces around the media no-one knows whats right or wrong.

With the news last night that Steve Jenkins and possibly even Andy Legg could go to Peterborough and the loss already of Leo, Ainsworth and very soon Hamilton, Lennie could be down to around 19 first team squad members. That would make the way for upto 5 new players to come in.

If Lennie is at his desk today then things will start to happen. First job would appear to be the case of Andy Legg. A one year deal is on offer. Will Legg take it?