Fed up fans to face Ridsdale

Last updated : 26 February 2008 By Michael Morris
These and many more questions will be asked to Chairman Peter Ridsale later today as he agrees to meet a few very disgruntled fans. Three City fans, Paul Corkery (formerly of the Valley Rams), Vince Alm (CCFC Supporters Club) and a local accountant and messageboard regular Keith Morgan (Since62) will ask for honest and frank answers.

Keith has been invited to Ninian Park on two ocasions to review City's book in an act of openness by the Chairman but twice as the time and date loomed the Chairman cancelled the appointments. Peter Ridsdale's "transparantness" has been called to question as City's season hits the buffers.

No squad strengthening saw the embarrassing sight on Saturday of only being able to name 4 subs. What sort of message is being sent out?

Now fans want to know what's going on.

Paul Corkery posted on the messageboard on Sunday and that thread and the responses it generated alerted Peter Ridsdale, added to emails sent by Vince, Ridsdale has asked to meet to clear things up.

Vince and Paul were both on the GTFM phone in last night and Vince's disappointment and hurt in the off field situation was plain to hear.

So let's see what today brings. Let's see what answers we get to the questions being asked.

A report should be available later today.