'Get off Earnie's case' - Lennie

Last updated : 09 January 2004 By Michael Morris

Lennie Lawrence has spoken out against those having a pop at Earnie for hitting a scoring drought. Earnie has not scored a goal in the last 7 games but despite that is still the Divisions leading scorer.

"People ask too much of Earnie and they should get off his case," Lawrence told the Western Mail.

"He can't score in every game. It's impossible to do that. He just can't maintain the goal-scoring form that he showed earlier in the season.

"Yes, he hasn't scored for seven games, but the team hasn't been playing well. We're lacking confidence and the service to the strikers has not been great.

"Not so long ago Earnie was scoring all these goals for us. Then, when he doesn't score for three or four matches, people start saying there's something wrong.

"If we can get the ball into the box then he will do something but, at the moment, we're not creating many chances for him."

"Too many demands are made on Earnie. Don't forget, this is his first season in the First Division. I've had a few chats with him recently. He's his usual chirpy self. He seems happy."