Hammam unhappy at some of the new fixtures

Last updated : 20 June 2003 By Michael Morris
Sam Hammam is unhappy that Cardiff City fans will have to travel for the first and last games of the season (for the second year running), and that many fans will miss probably the most glamorous fixture becuase Sunderland away at the Stadium of Light is scheduled for a Tuesday night. It's the longest trip in the division and any plans of City supporters making a weekend of it or being able to take their kids to the game have been scuppered.

"Every club should get either the opening game or last game fixture at home, for the sake of the fans if nothing else. And it can't be right travelling to Sunderland on a Tuesday. I don't know what the Football League are thinking.

"I am really upset, I feel for the fans. How are our supporters supposed to get to the match?"

Hammam appealed to City fans to be patient

"They know, I know and everybody in Wales knows our fans are treated very, very harshly on away travels. No matter what happens we want our fans to stay calm. We will face many unnecessary and unfair irritations and that is grossly unfair, but the bottom line is what we are doing on the pitch.

"The irritations will continue for a while until we are in the Premier League."