Highlights and manager reaction from The Liberty

Last updated : 28 October 2019 By Michael Morris

Neil Warnock:

"It’s disappointing to lose a derby match, the way we lost it. The goal was a poor one and we’ve only got ourselves to blame. It gave them a lift at a time where I thought we quietened them down. Second half we did a lot better but our passing when we had good possession let us down. We had great opportunities on the breakaway and picked the passes at the wrong time. We only lost Tomlin and Hoilett yesterday. They both pulled up in training. I thought the pockets of space for Tomlin would have been what we were looking for but we couldn’t risk them.

"I can see the danger from where I am (when Swansea score) and I’m disappointed we didn’t react quickly enough. We’ve just got to get on with it.

"I think the goal killed us. I thought you saw at the end when we went gung ho, one or two of the lads put their bodies on the line, Mendez-Laing could have put Bogle through and Robert could have done the same. I think there were so many bad decisions in the second half we shot ourselves in the foot really.

"We’re creating chances but we’ve got to put them away. You’re never going to get a lot of chances in a derby match. We’ve had eight games away from home in the 14 so we’ve got to get the home stadium rocking. After the international break we have to look at systems player wise to make sure we can pick up some points away from home.

"Players have to be responsible and do what they’re supposed to do. We got punished for not being on our game. We have been in most games, especially away from home. We have to defend better. We’ve got to learn the lessons, and we haven’t so far. I just felt it was there to be won today. I know it’s a local derby.But I thought we quietened the crowd down. I’ll be disappointed in the return match if it’s not a lot louder than that."

Steve Cooper

I'm proud of all of the players for different reasons, but I'm really proud of our younger players. We lost some big players this summer. There's so many new things going on and because of that we are going to have highs and lows.

"It's easy to get a little bit carried away because of the start. But it also hasn't changed us over the last month, either. We have a way of working and believe in it. We know there's going to be some highs and lows but we are building for the future. We know we are not going to spend lots of money but that's why I'm here. I've got an absolutely brilliant set of players, I've got some senior players who are role models and younger players who are striving to get better. It's time to take a deep breath now, they did a good job, really proud."