Highlights and reaction as City beat Hull

Last updated : 19 December 2017 By Michael Morris


Neil Warnock

C:WindowsTempphp1531.tmp“I felt strange beforehand because, for the first time I didn’t know how my team were going to do because I didn’t have the strikers I wanted on the pitch.

“I knew we’d get effort, but we were playing against a big side and we will have some smaller lads marking at set pieces where we were poor giving away last week and we had worked hard on. I just didn’t know.

“So the main thing was getting the points, which we deserved. If we had drawn 0-0 I would have said well done, I wouldn’t have complained because of everything behind the scenes, which is more than you know.

“But it’s a tremendous result, especially when you play last and others have won. You can imagine how sick they’ll be watching us. I love that. I’ll read their fans sites on Wolves and Bristol City – they do call me some names on there – but they’ll be saying the lucky so-and-sos again!”

Nigel Adkins

C:WindowsTempphp1A22.tmp“They are flying high in the division and they’re hard to play against here,” Adkins said after the game. “For a club that is down at the moment we got on the front foot and gave Cardiff problems for 35 minutes.

“I don’t think it was a free-kick (for the Cardiff goal) and it was offside. It’s fractional but it’s offside. Sometimes you get those decisions and sometimes you don’t.

“It was a competitive game and a lot of my players were on their knees at the end. They gave it everything.

“This is a tough place to come this season. Plenty of teams have been rolled over here but we competed and we were in it right the way through until the end.”