Humble Rodgers playing mind games

By Michael Morris
Last updated : 05 February 2011

Rodgers, ahead of tomorrow's derby game gives the impression that his side is built on far less resources than their rivals.

"We have talent and we have players who are humble, said Rodgers.

"They have not been distorted by football, by the money and the media attention and all the other stuff that surrounds big players.

"Money can't buy what we've got in guys like Alan Tate and Garry Monk."

The comments prompted Jones to question their pauperish claims.

"What's their lack of resources? They've got a training ground, a new stadium, players," said Jones.

"I don't know what their finances are.

"They paid half a million for a striker. They are always the paupers as they keep trying to make out, but I think a lot of it is just mind games at the end of the day.

"You've got it at Forest with Billy (Davies), they are always bemoaning their luck and then he seems to sign players and everything else.

"Do I get involved in it? Not really, it's down to everyone else."

Away from the mind games both managers also showed a level of respect for each other.

Rodgers said: "I respect them - they have a terrific manager and some terrific players and we know there's a threat there.

"But if we play with the aggression and charisma we showed at Bristol City [2-0 win on Tuesday] we have a great chance."

Dave Jones said: "Everybody at this club knows how big derby games are, including me because I've played in them. It's very important to us - there are three points on offer and we want them.

"Our next game happens to be against our local rivals, but sometimes you do have put things into perspective a little bit so as not to fall into the trap of playing against the occasion."

Swansea City v Cardiff City
Sunday February 6th, ko 1:15pm.