Investigations under way from Police and FAW

Last updated : 04 April 2006 By Michael Morris
Trundle wearing his anti Cardiff t shirt
The FAW and the police are investigating the incidents at the end of Swansea's cup final win in Cardiff on Sunday. As previously reported Lee Trundle and Alan Tate were photographed with a Welsh flag with an offensive slogan on it and Trundle was wearing an anti Cardiff t shirt.

The only comment from any of the players so far is from Alan Tate

"I'm getting interviewed by the police this week but that's all I'm saying on the matter at the moment."

The police have confirmed they are investigating and Tate and Trundle are due to see their club solicitor today to prepare statements.

Swansea could face a misconduct charge from the FAW while the players could be fined and banned.

The pictures can be seen here at gettyimages website, please note that profantities are contained in the pictures.

Football League spokesman John Nagle said of the events

"We absolutely deplore these actions. One would hope that it was just over-exuberance on the part of the players, after winning the Football League Trophy. However, that is still little excuse.

"League clubs are working hard to encourage more families and more young supporters to matches and it is important that players recognise their wider responsibility to the game when they are in these situations."