Is tonight make or break for Jones?

Last updated : 04 January 2011 By Michael Morris
There's strong words from the supporters from both perspectives.

What is the bigger risk? Sack Jones and risk a new manager or not sack Jones and risk he doesn't pull us out of the current slump. Either way there's no guarantee.

Looking back at previous seasons Jones' teams are prone to these lapses. Then they come good again and often lapse a second time.

Is this just history repeating itself and over the next two months we'll be on fire again?

I think I'm in the camp that will give Jones until the end of the season. If he can't get us promoted with 'our best ever squad' then he never will. He should leave then. Get us promoted and he deserves a crack at the Premier League with City.

His credentials will be tested over the next few games as City face Leeds, Stoke, Norwich, Watford, Reading and Swansea. Forest and Leicester come soon after that.

Sacking the manager is in vogue at the moment. Three Championship managers sacked in the last couple of weeks, two Football league managers gone today.

I really hope he does get it right, and that starts with a win over Leeds. To be honest a decent performance and not lose would be a positive to hold onto but I fear that defeat will turn a whole load more fans against the manager and those in more loftier positions might take action.