Jody Morris. A lesson learned.

Last updated : 17 July 2003 By Michael Morris
Well I've learned we have signed no-one until I see them in a City shirt being paraded in front of the camera's.

Since we've hit the big time we've seen two high profile instances of how players and agents use fans and teams to get what they want.

Rob Hulse never had any intention of signing for Cardiff City, he had his sights on WBA from the start. The acceptance of Cardiff's offer by Crewe drew out the Baggies and Crewe got their money and Hulse got the move he wanted. If there was any grace in that scenario was that Hulse did not put us through what Jody Morris did by nearly going the whole nine yards.

On to Morris. My gut feeling says he chanced his arm and nearly lost it. He gambled that if he went close to signing for Cardiff he would bring a Premiership team into the arena. He had been linked to Portsmouth, Spurs, Leicester and Blackburn but none of them would make a firm offer. Morris was aproached by Cardiff and offered in our terms a huge sum of money, thought to be £10k a week for 3 years plus bonuses. Morris thought that would suffice if the expected Pemiership offer did not come.

For him though it did come, but not before many Cardiff fans thought he was going to be a Bluebird. It's ironic that it was Leeds Utd that came in for him.

I don't have an issue with him going to a Premiership club, the same as I have no issue with Tony Vidmar for choosing Middlesbrough one year ago.

My gripe with Jody Morris is that he, in my opinion, went past the point of no return. To check out of the hotel and leave before the club knew he was going is cowardly. He had agreed a deal, completed most of his medical and was within hours of signing.

Nothing should surprise us, David Beckham, Harry Kewell and Ronaldinho for starters prove that football transfers is a messy business.

Now onto Leeds United. Nothing will take away the knowledge that we beat Leeds Utd on Jan 6th, 2002. OK cup shocks come and cup shocks go but at the time David O'Leary's team were top of the Premiership, they had a team that was destined for bigger things. They were the big spenders of the Premiership and had sights on glory. After we beat them their world fell apart, not because we beat them specifically but they slipped in the Premiership and have since lost Kewell, Ferdinand, Fowler, Dacourt, Bowyer, Woodgate to name but a few. They were nearly relegated last season and could still lose Robinson and Viduka. They are also a kings ransom in debt.

Since that day I have had little time for Leeds and Morris' move to Elland Rd is not going to make me warm to them at all. Leeds are a club in crisis and while I'm not a bitter man I would chuckle ever so slightly if Leeds imploded on themselves and they and Jody Morris found themselves in Div 1 next season.

We are new kids on the block in Div 1, we are playing big boys games and we are not going to win them all. Let's be strong, be Cardiff and be happy.