Johnson unhappy at fans reaction

Last updated : 19 August 2008 By Michael Morris

Watching from the stand, as a supporter, it was obvious to see City were under performing and in danger of losing the game. A section of supporters sang "Jonsey sort it out" which is nothing new or original but Johnson was annoyed enough to have a moan to the press about it.

"I couldn't believe what I was hearing in the second half," said Johnson.

"The fans were shouting 'Jonesy, Jonesy sort it out.' It was a distraction we could have done without. The fans should be getting behind the team, they are better than that.

"It was appalling. We are just as keen as they are to win, but it doesn't do the team any good when we hear that kind of stuff.

"We are trying our best against a Doncaster side that will surprise a few teams this term. I heard the chants and the rest of the players did too, and it annoyed me so early in the season. You can't shout that sort of thing after only two games of the season.

"As players we try and block it out of our thoughts, but we do hear that kind of nonsense. It was very disappointing to hear it, to be honest."

Johnson continued: "We stuck in there and got a well-deserved point. Doncaster are not a bad side, but we have to raise our game for next week. We can be a lot better and we know that."