Jones angry at press for writing off Robbie Fowler

Last updated : 18 January 2008 By Michael Morris

The Echo story, splashed on the back page under the headline "Gilo: Time to get rid of Robbie", can be found here. It contains quotes from David Giles saying that Cardiff City should look to end their agreement with Robbie Fowler and get upto two other players in for the same money. Readers are also encouraged to text in if they think Fowler should stay or go.

But Jones thinks the comments are unfair and harsh on Robbie Fowler. He says the players are equally as disgusted.

"The players think what has been written is uncalled for and bad journalism," Jones told the GTFM Phone in tonight." Why now try and look for dirt on the football club.

"An injury does constitute you being sacked. The players will stick together and not speak to the press any more."

"Robbie is devastated by the article", added Jones.

Jones was also unhappy with reports in previous weeks where Robbie Fowler's house, and kids have been exposed in the press. Jones has said he'll back his players in their desire to not talk to the press.

Dave Jones's full telephone conversation with Keith Cooper can be found by downloading Friday nights show from the link HERE. Jones is the first caller to the show after the opening introductions and comment from Keith and Vince Alm.