Jones aware of derby day importance

Speaking ahead of the match against Swansea on Sunday Jones told the official website: "There are a lot of things that have been written about what I'm supposed to have said in the past about derby games. I`ve never played this fixture down - it`s how people interpret the things I say.

"Everybody at this football club knows how important derby games are, including me. Why? Because I`ve played in them myself. This game with Swansea is very important to us - there are three points on offer and we want them."

"No doubt about it though, it`s going to be a tough game. Our next game happens to be against our local rivals, but sometimes you do have to put things into perspective a little bit so as not to fall into the trap of playing the occasion.

"So yes, it`s about getting three points against another Championship opponent but we know derby games do have a different feel."