Jones confused by call to order

Last updated : 15 November 2008 By Michael Morris

The West Country official sent off Darren Purse last weekend and that provoked a passionate outburst from Jones but the City boss feels he was within his rights to say what he did.

"I don't know why the FAW have called me in," he said.

"I am supposed to have said something to the fourth official, but I will wait until I get there and see what I am supposed to have said.

"I should not have to go in front of the FAW and explain why I said the referee was poor.

"You can't keep covering up if the officials keep getting it wrong."

He continued: "If we as a team have a poor game we say that."

Of the English FA's much publicised Respect Campaign, Jones stated: "Respect works two ways.

"I didn't lambast the referee. I simply said he had a poor game. I should not have to go in front of the FAW and give my reasons for that."