Jones has last laugh over abusive fans

Last updated : 26 October 2008 By Michael Morris
Jones was taunted by the Forest fans over claims of child abuse levied against him nearly 10 years ago. Those claims were unfounded and Jones was cleared but it didn't stop the home supporters from targetting the City boss.

Speaking of the Forest fans Jones said

"They are stupid because they absolutely killed the game for their own team - they think they are hurting me with their chanting but they distracted from what they are actually at the game for.

"Their team is struggling like mad and they're chanting about me.

"All it did was make our supporters - 2,500 of them - make more noise roaring us on.

"The only people they hurt were my family. It doesn't hurt me, I'm used to it.

"If they want to do it then fine, let them do it, but when my book comes out, go and buy it then they might realise what my family and what I went through.

"Then they might take a step back and have a think about what they are actually doing. Half of them know what went on anyway. They are just following the person in front, so who is the actual fool?

"I've come away again with another victory here."