Jones: 'Joe is a big part of this football club'

Last updated : 11 September 2009 By Michael Morris

The boss has been speaking ahead of Sunday's top of the table clash with Newcastle Utd. Dave Jones believes that Ledley has the same influence on the club and the fans as Steven Gerrard does for Liverpool. Not in a playing way, no offence to Joe but he has a way to go to get that accolade but as a local ambassador.

"I have said before that I have likened Joe, not as a player, but as a standing he has within the football club as much as what Steven Gerrard has at Liverpool," he told Sky Sports News.

"He is a homegrown boy, he has a standing in the football club and around the city and Joe has that in Cardiff and he has that rating with our fans.

"So he is very important to us and we want to get the contract sorted for his benefit as well. Joe wants to be settled and we have never stood in anybody's way before.

"We have always said if the price is right but nobody has met that price. It's the same with Ross (McCormack) and one or two other players we have got.

"We are quite transparent here. We have nothing to hide, we just go about our business in a professional manner and when we are doing the contracts we do that as well.

"When someone wants to buy our players we make a price and if they meet that price then great but if they don't we move on and other clubs must move on because they haven't got the player.

"Joe is a big, big part of this football club, a lot gets written about him, he is a top international player for his country and he is only 22 years old so that is great for us."