Jones moans at missing fans

Last updated : 13 April 2007 By Michael Morris

City have seen their play off chances all but disappear with 4 defeats on the bounce including last weekend's Easter disaster.

"A big factor is that if you go back to last Saturday, how many fans did we have in our stadium?" said Jones.

"We were the second lowest, there was only Luton who had a smaller crowd than us. If you look at teams at the bottom of the division they are getting 10,000 more people than us.

"We've been up there a long, long time and we still cannot fill our stadium. It's something we are looking at."

The thing is we have always had a large floating fanbase who will turn up when things are going well. There has been far too much despondancy and lack of spirit of late to entice those floating fans. The manager is now blaming the stay aways while they will be thinking they were glad they didn't waste their money. Cardiff City, it's manager and players should perform on the pitch if the stadium is empty or full.

Cardiff City might be rebuilding itself in the boardroom and setting up a stadium to help us build for the future but for the floating fan looking in it's a place where there appears to be a lack of ambition on the pitch and a massive chance to gain Premiership football has been wasted. Throw in a manager who is now moaning about the fans and we have an unhappy mix.

The club have to lead the way and make Cardiff City appealing, in a week where the season ticket deadline runs out we have a team in free fall, a manager moaning, and the players in the press admitting they have lost their sparkle. Shooting oneself in the foot springs to mind.