Jones snaps back at critics and fans

Last updated : 28 April 2007 By Michael Morris
He directs a volley against David Giles, the former City layer branded the players "disgraceful" after their latest poor performance.

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Dave Jones said to the official website

"The frustrating thing for us is you'll look back and ask why didn't we get the two points there or another three points here and we are just three points off the play-off's with all this going on and two game still to go.

"It's frustrating but as I've always maintained, you'll finish where you deserve to finish and if we don't finish off in the play-off's then the players haven't done enough to deserve to get there.

"It means we weren't strong enough and it means we've got to get harder and better for the next time round.

"We are in a building process at the moment. People might not want to hear that because of the position we are in but that's what we are in. We are in not just the process of building s football team but a football club as well and you can't get away from that fact.

"And when I hear people talking about it's a disgrace and all that I think they need to take a long hard look at what they did, and the person I'm taking about was a player himself. When he uses the word disgraceful, just be very careful because it wasn't so long ago he was saying that can this team keep going with being such a young team and not having the depth in the squad. Now all of a sudden it's a disgrace."

The full comment from Jones can be found here at .

Jones is then quoted in today's Western Mail,

"Welsh people are very proud, but as soon as it doesn't happen it's knocking time," said Jones.

"The Welsh have their opinions and build people up, they do it to the national team and with the rugby as well.

"What I've found being in Wales, and it's not a bad thing, is everyone wants to do well, but sometimes they want it sooner than they can get it."

Jones doesn't seem to be grasping the fact that Cardiff City have earned just two points in the last 21, if we had won just two of the 5 games we'd lost we'd be right in the mix for a play off place. It's been a surrender, this team has proved it can perform but of late the effort has been poor. The fans have every right to be upset. After seeing their team lead the Championship by 6 points it's unlikely now that we'll finish in the top 10.

Football is a results business and our results since last October have been awful. It's quite a feat that we managed to stay in touch for so long, for me and the supporters it's an oportunity missed, how often do these chances come along? Jones has been seen as the best manager City has ever had, in my opinion though, he's doing himself no favours at the moment.

Ninian Park should be bursting today as we look to consolidate a play off place but it will be half empty as the season withers away.

With the club looking to sell season tickets for next year I think that we should be getting a more apologetic reaction from Ninian Park and not one likely to alienate the fans.

This season is gone now. Roll on the next one.