Jones: 'We were superb'

Last updated : 31 January 2010 By Michael Morris

"We were superb out there today", said Dave Jones.

"We keep patching them up and sending them out and they continue to work their socks off.

"We know the circumstances and what we have to do as I can't bring anyone in at the moment because of the financial situation at the club.

"We have a young squad who are fit and look after themselves and they will keep battling away as they are all fully behind the club", said Jones.

"If were bottom of the division and struggling the place would be like a morgue but the crowd kept shouting today and we won that late corner which enabled us to get the winner.

"I have never walked away from anything in my life and all the players have the same attitude".

And the opposition view.

"I was very pleased with the performance because our second half was excellent after we had sorted out how to stop Chopra's runs", said Doncaster manager Sean O'Driscoll.

"I thought we would go on and win the match even before we equalised because we were in total control in the second half".

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