Keep Cardiff Blue Open Meeting 3pm Saturday

Last updated : 09 May 2012 By Bluebirds

We've been able to book the Municipal Club in City Road, Cardiff for an open meeting to be held at 3pm on Saturday 12th May this will be a meeting for all fans that wish to raise their objections to the re-branding.

What comes out of the meeting will depend entirely on the strength of feeling of those present. There are numerous ways of protesting at this decision and it's not necessarily about driving the Malaysians out of our club, as we know the risks involved with that if we can persuade Vincent Tan to change his mind then fine, but it already appears too late for the coming season, so it may be an ongoing process over the coming months.

I really think we must make every effort to resist the changes, as we don't know what else may be around the corner if we just accept it. I know some fans don't feel this way that's their prerogative, but please understand that some of us do not wish to see our identity trashed in this manner without a fight.

Hopefully we will get a large turnout to show how many fans feel very strongly about this change being imposed on us.

Come and join the BLUE ARMY!