Late decision on Bellamy fitness

Last updated : 25 April 2011 By Michael Morris

Raymond Verheije has been taking care of Bellamy's fitness all season and can be credited with helping, along with the club, keep Craig virtually injury free all season. Craig has started 31 games this campaign mostly playing one game a week. He's scored 10 goals.

But now the Dutchman is concerned about Bellamy playing again today so soon after Saturday's game which was played in blistering heat. 

"Later this morning decision whether CB will play with Cardiff vs Preston." Ray tweeted. "From physical point of view it's a no go. But it's crunch time....

"Interesting dilemma. Automatic promotion to Premier League is on the line. Will manager risk player & maybe lose him for possible play-offs?

"This afternoon for the third time this season in the English Championship teams have to play 2 games within 48 hours. Ridiculous planning."

The City squad flew to Lancashire in Vincent Tan's private plane.

“Vincent Tan has kindly given us use of his aeroplane to fly up to Preston so we can give everybody a bit of a longer rest,” said Dave Jones.

“Every team is in the same boat, but it baffles me why some teams get the advantage by playing on Thursday.

“We should have had same amount of rest as everyone else at this stage of season.

“We’ll see how Craig is. He’s been playing three games a week for a long time.

“But we play at Preston and then don’t play until next Monday which gives us a longer break.”