Legg waiting by the phone

Last updated : 11 July 2003 By Michael Morris
..but if Barry Fry does not agree a deal soon he will go to Cheltenham Town.

It's reported that Barry Fry is offering as much as he can to Andy Legg but it may not be enough. If nothing is agreed then Legg has an offer waiting for him from Bobby Gould at Cheltenham.

"I want to sign for Peterborough and we are so close to agreeing the deal, I would hate to walk away from it. But I need to start pre-season training somewhere soon and I really need everything to be sorted by the weekend.

"I am sitting by my phone waiting and hoping that Barry calls me, but in the meantime other clubs have spoken with me and I have received a very good offer from Cheltenham."

Either way it looks like we may have news on Legg's future after the weekend.