Lennie tells Cardiff 8 to 'Prove your worth'

Last updated : 06 February 2004 By Michael Morris

LENNIE LAWRENCE has pledged to get tough with Cardiff City players out of contract at the end of the season.

Lawrence has warned eight players - Spencer Prior, Gary Croft, Gareth Whalley, Martyn Margetson, Mark Bonner, Jason Bowen, Gavin Gordon and Scott Young - they might have to accept a pay cut if they want to stay at Ninian Park.

And last night the City boss said he was in no hurry to discuss new deals with those players.

"Just because we haven't sorted out anything with the players who are out of contract doesn't mean they are going - but, at the same time, it doesn't mean they are staying," he said.

"Those who have done brilliantly for us will be offered a better contract. Some might be offered the same terms.

"Others might be offered less. We will tell them we would like them to stay but, if they want to go, then they can please themselves. I'm not going to pay players what I don't think is value for money."

Speaking for the first time on this issue, Lawrence added, "I think there will be even more players looking for new clubs in the summer.

"Clubs at our level don't have the money they had two or three years ago because of the ITV Digital collapse.
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LENNIE Lawrence will make major decisions on the future of Cardiff City over the next two months with eight players due to be out of contract.

Another player, Peter Thorne, is already in talks with Lawrence as City aim to ensure the striker stays at Ninian Park for the rest of his career.

Lawrence's message to the eight is: "Prove you are worth a new deal."

Tony Vidmar, Willie Boland, James Collins and Graham Kavanagh have already signed extensions to their contracts, while teenage striker Stuart Fleetwood has been handed his first full professional deal.

Now Lawrence must make decisions on eight other players and insists: "I will not be rushed."

The eight are Gareth Whalley, Gary Croft, Mark Bonner, Jason Bowen, Scott Young, Spencer Prior, Gavin Gordon and goalkeeper Martyn Margetson.

"Those who have done brilliantly for us will be offered a better contract," said Lawrence.
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