Manager comments as Swansea win the derby

Last updated : 18 March 2024 By Michael Morris

Swansea head coach Luke Williams:

"We won in a really positive way. It's not like maybe it came down to a decision or something like this. I think we won thoroughly. I can't argue with the way we went about it today.


"I think they had the combination of intensity and aggression combined with calmness and clarity - that's something we're all striving for.

"I think we've seen one or the other in recent performances. Today felt like the most complete performance so far.

"We seemed to dominate for an hour. It's unrealistic for us to expect not to have any pressure, but I think we were very dominant for the majority of the game and we created all the really big chances."

Cardiff manager Erol Bulut:

"I think most disappointing for me and my players was the first 30 minutes. We knew Swansea would apply pressure but we didn't manage it well with the press.

"I think the first goal was a foul on Ng in my opinion. The referee had a different opinion. When he gave the penalty, for Ng pulling, it was the same situation.

"The first half was disappointing, not what we want, but the second half was much better.

"We will not put our heads down. We still have eight games to play. We have the international break and we will come back stronger."