Manager reaction and 'highlights' from Ewood Park

Last updated : 27 August 2019 By Michael Morris

Tony Mowbray: "I think we're ok with it. We're disappointed we didn't get three points. I think we had enough half opportunities to get it. Obviously Derrick's chance at the death off the post was a frustration for us. I just think it was a great game to win 1-0. Would have been a horrible game to lose 1-0 of course and that potentially could have happened because they put a lot of balls in your box and are very direct.

"We have to accept it. Cardiff were in the Premier League last year and have a lot of big players. We accept that we didn't manage to score today, but the positive is a clean sheet and it's another point, and we keep moving on. If we'd said at the start of the week that we were going to get seven points this week, we'd have probably taken it."

Neil Warnock: "We've had three games in six days so we had one or two tired legs. A few things have gone against us injury-wise but you have to give the lads credit, when we can play, we do.

"Today it was unusual for us to face so many long balls! I'd get slaughtered! But I thought we coped admirably.

"We've got four tough points from two games so I'm delighted. You look at Leeds and Fulham and you look at a few lads who might pull away and we just have to hang on to their coat-tails."