Manager reaction as Bluebirds get a goal but no points at Anfield

Last updated : 27 October 2018 By Michael Morris

Jurgen Klopp

“(We had) A lot of very good moments and periods. We could have done better but that’s how it is. We had to create and create and create.

“You need for your most creative football fresh players, but you cannot change a full team because you need rhythm as well.

“The start was really good in the game and then they had these first set pieces and throw-ins… these really dreadful throw-ins. We lost the ball too much and we didn’t defend these cheap long balls.


“We scored the second one and we conceded a goal which is never something you want especially with the record. It possibly helped actually as Cardiff believed they could do more and we finished the game.

“Now we can recover and prepare for the next game.

“(It was) Pretty much what we expected. I have a lot of respect for them and what they do.”

“Defending those long throws is not easy, trust me, but we did that really well. The goal gave them a lot of confidence but we had 85 per cent of the ball which is an unbelievable figure. And not easy after playing in midweek as everyone is involved.

“I don’t think Cardiff have lost by big margins very much. Maybe the City game but no other. They’re a very good team and will cause problems like today.”

Neil Warnock

“I thought we gave a good account of ourselves, I thought the lads were alright. To go down so early, many people thought the floodgates would have opened.

“We kept going, got the goal back and I had to make a few decisions. I thought Gunnarsson did well for 70 minutes and we couldn’t risk him although he’d been that safety valve in front of the back four.

“I thought it was the same as Chelsea, we didn’t deserve to lose 4-1. Our fans were super today too, made a great noise. We’ve done well lately, played all the top teams now apart from Man United and you don’t get them every week. It’s been hard for us against these teams. That bit of quality makes the difference.

"I think Liverpool are the most improved team with the signings he made. They’re really back to the big time now. I remember coming here and lost 4-0 with Notts County and it could have been 10. So it’s good we can compete now, we’ll surprise a few of the lesser teams. The top four are a bit beyond us, apart from Arsenal at home though, I thought we should have beaten them.

“The rest of the season will be decided on what we do in the remaining games away from the top six.”