Manager reaction from Ashton Gate

Last updated : 02 March 2024 By Michael Morris

Bristol City's Liam Manning:


"I've got thick skin. Of course I don't want to hear [boos]. I want the team to perform and succeed, I've had to fight and scrap in my career to get where I am. I'll take it on the chin, be calm and get ready to go again on Tuesday.

"We need people to step up and take responsibility in high-pressure moments and deliver. On the goal, set-pieces are probably Cardiff's biggest threat - and most of their goals come from first contacts as well - and it's hugely annoying.

"I didn't think there was a huge amount of quality from both sides, so you've got to make sure you don't lose and it finishes 0-0."

Erol Bulut:

"I enjoy all of our winning games. Today was for our players, our staff and our fans.

"We enjoyed it with our support. It was a hard earned three points.

"This season we are doing well in derbies. We know what they mean to everyone.

"For the confidence within the squad too, it's a really big step. I think we started good and finished good.

"It was a goal from a set piece again. I know we are one of the best teams from set pieces. It was a game where it felt that whoever scored the first goal was going to win and we scored and kept it zero against us."

On Perry Ng

"I've been delighted with Perry. He's a very good player, even with finishes and assists. I'm happy for him and the team.

"We had a bad few weeks but we stayed together. With our fans behind us, we can push for great things.

"We are in a good way. We have to keep our legs on the ground and continue to work hard."

And finally Callum O'Dowda

"For Callum it hasn't been an easy season. We didn't want to bring him on too early.

"He will get better and better. It was great for him to celebrate with our fans."