Managers quotes after Forest v City

Last updated : 24 August 2003 By Michael Morris
Paul Hart
"We got off to a bad start. Obviously being two goals down so quickly didn't do us any good. It affected the way we passed and we lacked a bit of confidence. Having said that we showed better spirit in the second half.

"We brought two players back from injury. Sometimes they come in and it doesn't work but we had to bring them back and we might get the benefits from it further down the line.

"I said at half-time that if we were patient we will get a goal, and we did. It was better and we have to build on that performance.

"Cardiff did well, but two goals in the first ten minutes gives you a lift. They were entitled to be up for it but we are paying for our own mistakes, and we aren't as bad as the last two results show. We need to get back on track as soon as possible."

Lennie Lawrence
"I've been critical about the way we've been starting off matches but we certainly started very well today and it was a great team performance by us. There were so many pluses for us all over the field.

"Marlon Harewood's goal was a great instinctive finish but I have drummed into the players we must not surrender anything in the last 10 minutes of a game - it's our watchword.

"We might win games and we might lose games but we do not surrender what we have in the final 10 minutes of a game and that takes absolute concentration.

"In every section there is normally a surprise in the pack - it could be that we are it in Division One.

"I can't be certain about this, of course. But what I do expect is that we finish a lot stronger than we started. Since the summer Tony Vidmar, John Robinson, Richard Langley and Alan Lee have been added to the squad.

"It does take time for new players to gel together but I'm seeing signs that our lads are settling down."