Milton Keynes. Not Keen

Last updated : 28 October 2003 By Michael Morris
The following is the view from a City supporter who is against Wimbledon's move to Milton Keynes and is going to actively support a boycott of the game on Nov 22nd. It is not the view of this website but one side of the argument. Want to tell everyone why we should go to the game? Then email me your thoughts.

On November 22nd when Cardiff City play Milton Keynes' Franchise FC (which
bought Wimbledon FC's league place) some Cardiff fans will instead attend
AFC Wimbledon's home FA Vase game against the wondrously named Wooton Blue Cross at the Fans Stadium Kingsmeadow.

Why? Well firstly for the same obvious reasons that many football supporters
have already boycotted Franchise's games at Selhurst Park and Milton Keynes.
Both as a protest against how a group of businessmen were allowed to kill
off a football club and how the FA broke it's own rules to allow franchising
therefore sending a message that a club's links to it's geographical base
and community are no longer important.

Cardiff supporters should also have a couple of other reasons to take some
action. Let's not forget that one possible site for the franchising of
Wimbledon was Cardiff itself, remember the "Cardiff Dons"? Had it happened
and the then-premiership club been parachuted in to our city what do you
think would have happened to the club that was struggling at the foot of the
football league drawing average crowds of around 3,000?

We should also realise that however grateful we at Cardiff are for the
investment Sam Hammam has made in our club many Wimbledon fans see that
money as having come from the sales of their (never replaced) ground and
of his shares in their club. Sales which ultimately led to the club's

The Wimbledon Independent Supporters Association (WISA) has asked fans of
all clubs the following ;

"We are asking for supporters to boycott matches played by the Milton Keynes
club; we are aware that boycotts are an emotive issue and for many
supporters are a protest too far as they cannot contemplate not supporting
their team. We would urge you to take this step as the circumstances are so
grave and the ramifications so important. If the move proves to be a
failure, it will vindicate our stance and undermine the argument made by the
club. That failure can be brought out best by depriving the club of money.
Simply, if there is one away game you don't go to this season, make it the
game against Milton Keynes."

AFC Wimbledon fans are actively encouraging a total boycott and attending
their games instead , any Cardiff fans would receive a particularly friendly
and appreciative welcome.

If you'd like more info on the boycott mail or for
info on AFC Wimbledon (including directions to Kingsmeadow) or WISA try;