Miserable McAllister is a moaning Minnie

Last updated : 05 January 2003 By Michael Morris

"This one was not very good that's for sure, and when you find there's no hot water for a shower after the match it all adds up to a bad day."

McAllister was not happy with his side for conceding two late goals, not happy with the pitch and was shocked to find the showers running cold.

The Coventry boss was terse at the press conference and did not give much away, most of his answers were sharp one word answers.

When asked about Cardiff he said

"I don't want to talk about their team. We are disappointed. We were 2-0 up and I thought we had dealt with everything they had thrown at us and the pressure of the crowd. In fact I couldn't see them scoring a goal.

"But I have been around long enough to know these things happen.

On his team he said

"I was pleased with certain people, others not. But I have just told the players that they had better start to concentrate on our next league match against Brighton. Only after that will we think about the replay to this tie."

When asked if he paid special attention to Robert Earnshaw he said

"We had no particular plans to deal with him. We were very aware of his talents but we weren't going to change our formation because of that."

When asked about the showers Lennie replied

"I sincerely hope nobody thinks we would do that sort of thing deliberately. We are bigger than that. But if this is true all I can do is apologise to Gary and his team. I can't understand it, I thought I had the last shower and it was fine."

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