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Last updated : 05 July 2003 By Michael Morris

ANDY LEGG knew his days at Cardiff City were over after an hour of talks inside the bowels of a near-deserted Ninian Park on Wednesday.

The midfielder had spent half-an-hour in Lennie Lawrence's office talking to the Bluebirds boss about his new one-year deal.

Then there was a further half-an-hour arguing his case with City owner Sam Hammam on the phone. The message to Legg was loud and clear.

He had to take a massive 70 per cent pay cut if he wanted to stay at Ninian Park for another season - and that was the BEST offer he was going to get from the newly-promoted First Division club.

It was a ferocious slap in the face for a player who has helped City win promotion from the Third Division to the First in the last three years.
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'I'm still a Legg man' says Sam

SAM Hammam today told Bluebirds fans: "I don't like being portrayed as the man who killed Bambi."

Cardiff City fans are incensed at the way the offer of Andy Legg's new contract was handled, but Hammam insists the deal - £30,000 a year, £1,000 per appearance plus other bonuses - is a fair one.

"I will always be a Legg man," said Hammam. "I cannot accept anybody portraying a situation which suggests I killed him. I am confident we made a balanced offer considering where the club is at now.

"Leggy will be 37 years old in a few weeks and a lot of players take a drop when they reach 34 or 35.

"True, he may make more money guaranteed at another club - and he would do a great job for them.
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Supporters say City must keep Legg

KEEP Andy Legg - that's the message today from Cardiff City fans.

We had a huge response when we asked the views of Bluebirds supporters on whether club captain Legg should be retained.

Legg has been offered a one-year contract but with a 70-percent pay cut - down from a basic salary of around £100,000 to £30,000.

More than 400 people voted in our special phone poll yesterday, with over 93 per cent saying Legg should stay.
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